Raima Data Manager System Error

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Raima Data Management Solutions & General Architecture

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This section describes the standard status and error codes returned by the RDM Server Core and administration API functions. A status code. -61, S_BADBLOB, Blob data error – the blob data has been corrupted. This error code can also occur when the SQL support module cannot access the system catalog database.

RDM's lock management system gives control over access by concurrent users, ensuring that only a single user can write to a particular record at a time. a group of related database updates as a unit, first to the transaction log, and then to the database, allowing data to be regenerated automatically in case of system error.

For more information on RDM Embedded error handling, see the Database Error Reporting section in the RDM Embedded User's Guide. either another user has the database opened in a mode not compatible with your mode, or there is currently not enough room in the lock manager tables to add your user ID and/or your.

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Remove Classes Remove Properties Changing the Property type – you will see an error message similar to. NewValue=string" If you do remove the sealed management pack and it was already been imported into Data.

What can I do if I get a Raima Database Manager Error with. a database system (RAIMA Data Manager), accidental damage to the data will not harm the system.

Raima Database Manager (or RDM) is an ACID-compliant embedded database management system designed for use in embedded systems applications. RDM has been designed to utilize multi-core computers, networking (local or wide area ), and on-disk or in-memory storage management. RDM provides support for.

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Raima Database Manager 11.0. Create an RdmConnection object to handle your connection to the Raima database system and pass. using System.Data;

Raima Database Manager (RDM) is a cross-platform, small footprint, fast and reliable, persistent and embedded in-memory database solution.

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QuickFill uses a database system called Raima Data Manager which has been used in other software products for many years now, so we don't expect you to encounter problems with a corrupted database. If you get any error messages when you run the 'Check database' utility, it means your database is corrupt. Contact.

. SYS, SEVERE, 69, Database error, DataManTask, dbError, RAIMA. dbError, RAIMA Database Error *** Code:-909 (SYSTEM/OS. entries for the data-manager.

Welcome to addressing common issues in Master Data Management. the system called this method using two parameters. However, the method only had one, hence “The method has been called with an invalid number of.

S_BADREAD A read error was returned on a data or key. take the entire system down, including the lock manager, Make sure that you are using the correct Raima…

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Raima Database Manager (RDM). Raima Database Manager (RDM) 14.0, data is up to date and. always on database management system.

Raima Database Manager – Wikipedia – Raima Database Manager. is an ACID-compliant embedded database management system designed for. RDM v. 14.0 contains an all-new data storage engine optimized.

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